Becoming Women

Becoming Women offers a thoughtful examination of the search for identity in an image-oriented world told through the experiences of women coming of age in the wake of second and third wave feminism. Pairing popular imagery with personal narratives of women from the mainstream as well as from marginalized and misrepresented groups, Rice uncovers a “culture of contradiction” where increases in individual body acceptance have been matched by even more restrictive feminine image ideals and norms. With insider insights from the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, Becoming Women exposes the beauty industry’s colonization of women’s bodies, and examines why “the beauty myth����������������������������� has yet to be resolved.

Becoming Women is a story of women’s search for visibility and acceptance in an image-saturated world. Narratives told by diversely-embodied storytellers about becoming women in the face of controlling body standards highlight the multiple layers of difference that contribute to our creation of selfhood.





Here���s what people have to say about Becoming Women: The Embodied Self in Image Culture

Becoming Women reveals and analyses crucial dimensions of women’s experiences, with a depth that has not been attained before. A model for all in examining people’s lives, it constitutes a serious advance in state-of-the-art research.”

—NATALIE BEAUSOLEIL, Division of Community Health and Humanities, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University

“Well written and accessible, this is an interesting book that raises some important issues around women’s embodiment.”

—SARAH GROGAN, Department of Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University

“Based on interviews with the first generation of women to have grown up in an image-saturated world replete with image technologies, Becoming Women offers the reader an extensive and engaging exploration of ‘image culture’. The rich narrative about how women ‘worry about their bodies’ provides a good introduction to issues surrounding beauty culture and its impact on girls and women.”

—DAWN CURRIE, Department of Sociology, University of British Columbia

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