Gender and Women’s Studies in Canada: Critical Terrain

With essays from some of the most influential feminist writers, such as Jessica Valenti, bell hooks, Afua Cooper, Gloria Steinem, and Kim Anderson, and covering topics as diverse as women with disabilities, transgender rights, abortion, ageism, and Tyra Banks, this collection, edited by Carla Rice and Marg Hobbs, goes beyond the Canadian context to form an ideal introductory level textbook for the contemporary Gender Studies classroom.

Reflecting the intersectional nature of feminist thought today, Carla and Marg have put together an important collection of essays that incorporate voices from across multiple marginalities, discussing gender, race, class, Aboriginality, ability, age, sexuality and the body. A unique combination of scholarly articles, news clips, fact sheets, blog posts, poetry, short fiction, and personal narratives keep their collection engaging and varied. Carla and Hobbs have compiled a comprehensive introduction to the past, present and future of Gender and Women’s Studies

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This comprehensive collection provides an entry point for students new to Women’s and Gender Studies. The carefully selected readings clearly illustrate why the theories, perspectives, and insights offered in Women’s and Gender Studies are, more than ever, critical to understanding the world in which we live and the challenges we face, and for re-visioning a better, more just, national and international community.

—LORI CHAMBERS, Women’s Studies, Lakehead University

While nation-specific in title, this collection is not confined by conventional political constructs as the authors consider how power is exercised, and embodied, by the individual and the collective within nation-states or dictated by forces of capitalism. Hobbs and Rice forge a systematic pathway through the essentials—body, sexuality, reproduction, representation, labour, citizenship, masculinity, violence, poverty, health—needed at entry levels of Women and Gender Studies.

—CAROL WILLIAMS, Women and Gender Studies, University of Lethbridge

Emphasizing a feminist activist framework, this text provides a comprehensive guide to many of the key topics, debates and approaches that engage students and scholars in Gender and Women’s Studies. Its accessible format introduces readers to a comprehensive range of topics and a wide array of perspectives.

—KATHERINE SIDE, Gender Studies, Memorial University

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