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Carla is a passionate and dynamic speaker who has given over 300 engaging and thought provoking talks across Canada and globally. In addition to her keynote addresses, Carla has conducted numerous lectures and workshops nationally and internationally, in the areas of disability and fat representation, women and representation, social and critical developmental approaches to embodiment, body diversity and equity in schools, sexualisation of girls, interacting with people living with disabilities and differences in health care and social services, and gender and social justice. Carla’s speaking is suitable for diverse demographics in a range of educational, health, and social care institutions as well as for general audiences.

Topics on which Dr. Rice offers lectures and workshops include:

    • Representations of women in popular culture and women’s diverse embodiments
    • Inside the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty: Making change from within and making change from the margins
    • Women’s embodiments and body imaging problems across the life span, including pivotal periods of puberty, pregnancy, and menopause
    • Representations of disability and fatness in popular and professional cultures
    • The mythical norm: Responding to people with disabilities and physical differences in health care settings
    • “Bio-pedagogies” of disability and the obesity epidemic
    • Disability arts and activism: Talking back to representations of disability and difference
    • The student body: Promoting body diversity and equity in schools
    • Consequences for children of anti-fat messages at school
    • Harassment and harmful body practices in middle and high school girls
    • Appearance and difference in clinical interactions and health care institutions
    • Feminist ways of working with embodiment issues
    • Relational and narrative approaches to working with embodiment problems
    • Working on issues of body diversity and equity in health and social service settings


Most of the following workshops can be presented to accommodate time slots varying from 1 hour to 1 day. In addition, Dr. Rice is interested in working with your group to develop new workshop topics within her general areas of expertise that are tailored to your group’s specific needs. Feel free to contact her to discuss the needs and interests of your organization.

Canada Research Chair, Care, Gender, and Relationships (Tier II)
Associate Professor, Department of Family Relations & Applied Nutrition
College of Social and Applied Human Sciences
University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario N1G 2W1
Guelph office:
1 519-824-4120, ext. 53921

Toronto office:
1 416-779-8930

1 (416) 628-1667
Individuals and organizations interested in body image consulting or speaking can contact Dr. Carla Rice personally at: carlar@uoguelph.ca
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